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May 31, 2008

Monkey Loves to Explore...

A few more pics from last wkend...
We had my cousins wedding last night. It was very nice :) I wore my new red shoes and the photographer even took pictures of them...heehee
I'm tired today, so I'll just post these pics and say "Have a wonderful wkend!!!"

May 30, 2008

My Little Helper...

Pipps loves the cabin and cooking, so she enjoyed her Memorial Day :)

She even tried to help put an old chair back together and it held until the rain & hail came :)
She's growing up too fast...

May 29, 2008

Bobalu is getting older...

We had a nice wkend at the cabin and I took some pictures of B. He was so busy all wkend collecting treasures and running around....literally....running to the mailbox and back.

"Time me!! See if I can beat my old time!!!"

It was started as a joke to have him run off some of his excess energy, but he took the challenge on seriously and worked at it :)
It was pretty cute.

Anyway, he helped rake, picked up pinecones, collected shells and rocks and even got the fishing rod out although it was too windy to do any fishing.

He wore himself out and slept like a baby...my sweet baby who's now 7.5 years old and more like a little man than a boy every day...

It was a nice wkend and I know he really enjoyed himself.

I have more pics of the rest of us from that wkend too, but they'll have to wait for another day :)

May 27, 2008

Da' Cabin...

Ummm....yeah....again with no tripod, but it's getting better :)
I've been brushing up on my rubber stamping tool but forgot that blur just makes things look like crap, so excuse that first seam...


After a long wkend, today is a little overwhelming. Without my Monday routine, I feel like I'm already behind. Ah well, I guess it was worth it...

So we're back to the grind today...for another week and a half until the kids are out of school and then Pipps is off to Europe for 8 wks and it'll just be me and the boys. Aagh!

Got an email from Bobalu's BF yesterday asking me for gas money for his ride home. Seriously???
I know that gas is $4/gallon, but give me a break. He's basically asking for $20/month from me when he owes thousands and thousands of money in back support.
Oh well, what do you expect I guess. This from the guy whose response to my DH when he asked him why he didn't want to support his child was "Well, you're his Dad...I'm his biological father, but you're his Dad!"

Whatever....drama queen!!!

Anyway, other than that little bit o' drama, everything here is going well. I'll download pics today from our nice wkend. It was cold and windy, but a nice break from the house. We're getting our stone done next week and gutters are going up sometime in the next couple weeks as well. I wish we could afford to do the landscaping this year too, but that'll have to wait until next spring. We'll be able to do a little this fall maybe, but that depends on how costly it is do redo Pipps room.

Hopefully we'll be able to get Pipps' room all done before she gets home, but we'll have to see. All of our extra time and money get poured into this place right now and it's... great. I love the house. I love that we built it. I HATE that we have no time or money for anything fun though.

No trips to Mexico or renting a cabin this year. We ARE going to spend a week at the family cabin though, so that'll be nice....AND budget friendly :)

So...I don't know what else to share today. I felt like writing, but I guess I don't really have anything that interesting to write about. We have baseball tonight :) DH is a wonderful coach and Bobalu is a really good player. It amazes me how athletic he is without even trying....I shouldn't say that...he tries hard, but it just comes so naturally to him. Yeay B!!!

May 25, 2008

Oh, and by the way...

I completely agree with this entire entry.
I'm so tired of hearing her crap...I've never liked Denise Richards, but now...now I can't stand her.

My 3 Sons...

Well, we had our level 2 on Friday afternoon and we are definitely having another boy :)
He's doing great and is developing normally. Weighs 10 oz already, so he's right on track.
Everyone in the family is so excited to have another little boy...especially Monkey;)

We had a nice time up at the cabin. The weather was a little cool, but the kids had a lot of fun and we got a lot of raking and stuff done. I'm glad we came home early though because the weather here is so nice and apparently it's tornado weather up at the cabin.

No name yet for the baby...we plan on letting that be the suprise at the end of my proverbial tunnel...

So for now that's it. I'll post some nice pics from the cabin tomorrow or Tuesday, so keep a lookout!

May 23, 2008

Did You Remember to Recycle??? (In 2003???)

Here's an old logo I found while going through my old disks....I haven't been able to find my final portfolio disc yet....uh oh....

May 22, 2008

I Love This Time of Year...

Sitting in the grass under the trees, playing and relaxing (and taking pictures!!!)
Ahhhhh....it starting to feel like summer...

May 21, 2008

Mama Had a Baby and her Head Popped Off...

Silly title perhaps, but Monkey and I played outside the other day and he was fascinated by the feel of grass on his toes and the dandelions that felt neat but tasted yucky...

And of course, no outing is ever complete without playing with sticks and stones :)

I just love those chubby ankles in his cute little flip-flops. Thanks Ms. Anna & Ms. Madison!!!

May 20, 2008

My Sweet Boys...

Monkey absolutely LOVES his big brother and it shows.
Lately, whatever Bobalu is doing, Monkey starts doing. B will sit on the floor and read a book....Monkey will sit about 3 ft away from him and imitate whatever he's doing.
OR he's trying to kiss him 100 times :) It's so sweet...
Now Ms. Pipps is another story. She's starting that whole hormonal pubescent thing and so tends to cry and yell and sleep a lot more these days...
These days, it's when I enjoy her the most :)

May 19, 2008

Failure to Stitch...

Ok, so this isn't exactly a good example, but I stitched together some photos of the house for a panoramic view. It probably would've helped if I'd used my tripod..I have a pretty sweet one...but I was taking pictures of Monkey eating rocks and smashing dandelions at the time, so what can I say...

Ameteur ;)

River Rock or Monkey's New Chew Toys???

It's true...he loves these things...one in the fist and one in the cheek...
Luckilly he doesn't eat them, but just cleans them off and then throwns them back in the pile :)

May 18, 2008

Oh Sweet Girl...

I found these last night while going through some old disks....my sweet Pipps when she was 3.
She'll be 12 next month :(

It's here!!!

Ok, so I'm LOVING my new computer. Still setting everything up, getting all my programs installed, etc. I'll get to the camera part of things tomorrow, (hopefully) so please be patient :)

May 16, 2008


So according to FedEx, my computer was coming today. Part of it. And then the other part tomorrow. Now it says that it'll be here tomorrow....Hmmmmm....

So I'm just waiting for that...and for our ultrasound next week...and for my baby sister to come home...and for my children to all start listening to me...

Ok, so I guess I'll be waiting for that last one forever, but that's ok :)

That's it. Nothing exciting today. Sorry...

May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful mothers day. We had a nice one. Spent most of the day just hanging out with the kids.

Bobalu wrote me a book at school and it was dedicated "to my Mom because she always loves me" :) Awwww

Pipps made me a charm bracelet. Very cute, but it's back for repairs because the clasp broke when we were at lunch :*(

We had lunch with our immediate family and my and Chad's mother. It was really nice. We went to Crave in the Galleria and the food was great! The desserts were just ok, but everything else was very good. Especially for a restaurant in a mall...although it is the Galleria, so that's really more like a museum than a mall ;) Oh if I had the money, how much fun I could have in that place...

My DH and kids got me a brand spankin' new computer with all the bells and whistles for Mothers Day. It was a wonderfully generous gift and so I'm very excited to use it. I will be ready to start posting and downloading photos again in about a week or two :) Gotta wait for it to get here because it's being built, but that's ok. I'm just excited to have it.


Anyway, Monkey is teething today. Really bad. He was pretty hysterical at lunch because every bite was causing him pain, so I had to give him some tylenol and now he's taking a nice long nap. Poor little guy. We did have a nice morning at the park though. He LOVES the slides. Jumps down them on his belly, head first, the second he sees me at the bottom. That little guy is FEARLESS.

God help me. 2 little fearless boys now...we'll find out in 2 weeks if it'll be a 3rd.
Anyway, time to go. Hope everyone had a great wkend! See you soon with picures galore....I have SO many on my camera now and can't wait to start using it again...

May 8, 2008

Couple more pics from the party

So...that's all I'm going to post until I get my new computer, which should be soon. It'll be really nice to be able to get some work done again :)


May 6, 2008

Monkeys bday party...

The party was a huge hit. Thanks to everyone that made it!!!
Just wanted to share with you a picture of Monkey eating his first bday cake. Too funny...he didn't really like being messy, but he LOOOOOVED the cake :)

May 3, 2008


So...we're selling the Mustang.

It's sad.

I was totally against buying it in the first place. My wonderful husband had himself convinced that it was for work...yeah....for work. It was going to save his truck, the little bugger. His old Silverado has so many miles on it, but still looks great. But he needed something for work! Something with better gas mileage, so he went out one day and bought himself a 2003 Ford Mustang.

I hated it.

Until I got to drive it...

Oh man is it a fun car to drive. I loved taking it out for a night on the town, sinking into those sleek leather seats. You know the kind...they're cold in the winter, blistering in the summer - makes your bare legs stick to 'em.


Anyway, I guess that having a yard up to the city code is more important. After our major addition project the past year, our front yard has been reduced to a sandbox.

With a cliff...

it's really safe

SO...we're selling the Mustang. We've got to put in grass, build a retaining wall, get the city to say "ok, you're not in violation of this and this and this ordinance"...

I don't understand :( I mean c'mon...I know we live on the lake, but why can't a girl keep her car and have a sandbox for a yard? Is that too redneck? Is my husband changing me THAT much???

Oh dear god help me...

Anyway, it's up for sale. I'll miss her when she's gone.

Have a good day everyone, I'll be out driving ;)