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July 28, 2008

July 21, 2008

Fun in the Sun at Nana and Ba-Pa's...

Sunday the 6th was DH's bday. We were on our way home from the cabin and decided to stop over at Nana and Ba-Pa Jim's house and boy were we glad we did :)

We had a nice time just hanging out. Nana made a wonderful dinner (as usual) and Monkey had SO MUCH fun playing in the sprinkler and eating dreamsicles.

Thanks to my Mother for emailing me these pictures. Gotta love happy baby pics :)

(Have I mentioned that Monkey is OBSESSED with his belly button??? He's ALWAYS got his hand in there...weirdo...)

Monkeys Beautiful America...

We spent a lovely 4 day week-end up at the cabin this year to celebrate Independence Day.
For some of us, the excitement proved to be too much:

Here's my Dad and Aunt...the penultimate crossword puzzle team. My word solving powers are basically null compared to these two.

Monkey made a new friend in Bandit. They shared everything from snacks to chew toys.
It was a bond that I doubt will be easily broken...unless Monkey quits feeding snacks to Bandit of course, in which case I'm sure she'll move on...

Oh, and Monkey also does a pretty good peek-a-boo now although he doesn't QUITE understand that the 2 minute "where's monkey??? where did he go???" gets old pretty quick. We're working on his comic timing ;)

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!

July 1, 2008

Edelweiss, Edelweiss, Every Morning I Greet Thee...

Ok, so not EVERY morning, just one morning a week with the kids to meet some of our pals for unbelievable pastries and coffee talk :)

Love this place. Yeay for Mark the owner. He also made our wedding cake which was fabulous. People still talk about it :)