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July 21, 2008

Monkeys Beautiful America...

We spent a lovely 4 day week-end up at the cabin this year to celebrate Independence Day.
For some of us, the excitement proved to be too much:

Here's my Dad and Aunt...the penultimate crossword puzzle team. My word solving powers are basically null compared to these two.

Monkey made a new friend in Bandit. They shared everything from snacks to chew toys.
It was a bond that I doubt will be easily broken...unless Monkey quits feeding snacks to Bandit of course, in which case I'm sure she'll move on...

Oh, and Monkey also does a pretty good peek-a-boo now although he doesn't QUITE understand that the 2 minute "where's monkey??? where did he go???" gets old pretty quick. We're working on his comic timing ;)

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!

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