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August 23, 2008

Busy as a B...

Life has been insanely busy since Pipps got back. We've had to cram a summers worth of homework into 3 weeks, get school supply and clothes shopping done for both her and Bobalu (He has uniforms this year which should be easy, but there are some elusive green polo shirts that have been hard to find) AND I've been busy working.

Once school starts, I'm going to try and actually get some work done on my website so that I at least have an online portfolio. It's hard...it takes a lot of time and I have to change my provider and whatever else...plus, we're due with #4 in the beginning of October, so who knows...I just know that I can't keep putting it off. It's been almost a year since I decided to stay home full time and I've been a little preoccupied I guess, but I love what I do and want to do more of it, so...

I have been busy the past few weeks with another job for a foundation I do some volunteer work for and then I've been doing some contract work on top of that. I've really enjoyed both jobs. The contract work is nice, but it's on-site which means that I have to deal with sitters and getting dinner ready for when I'm not here so the kids have something healthier than PB&J's or frozen pizza....yeah, DH isn't really a great chef ;)
The money is so worth it though and since the work is intermittant I don't have quite as much of that "Mommy Guilt".

I haven't had my camera out since we were on vacation other than a few snapshots here and there. I have a few projects I want to do with it, but they'll just have to go on "the list" including a few paintings I wanted to finish and a few more I wanted to start so I could get a nice big package together for shows next summer....we'll see how that goes over the next year anyway :)
I still have to design baby announcements for myself and a couple others and I have a couple other little side projects to get done. Oh! And I'm also going to be offering my services to B's school this year since they're in need of some design/marketing help...should be interesting...

So I guess September is kind of like my New Years...I get caught up in the kids going back to school and excited to get things accomplished. I'm probably getting ahead of myself here...we ARE having another newborn and we've already got the sassy monkey, so even with the 2 older ones gone during the day, I probably won't get much done :)

Bear with me...I'm trying. It's a busy life, this Mom business.

Hope everyone enjoys the last few weeks of summer. We're headed out this afternoon for DH's work picnic. It should actually be pretty fun, we had a blast last year...


1 comment:

  1. I understand and share your pain! I don't know how you do it... I'm still trying to find time for myself and friends, much less volunteer work, friends and art. Your kids are blessed to have you!

    By the way, thanks for coming up with my screen name!