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January 8, 2009

The Facebook...

SO...I've become addicted to facebook. Probably part of the reason I haven't been blogging as much - I keep writing things on there instead.

Case in point, I just did this writing thing where you had to write 25 random things.
Here were the ones I posted:

1. I hate drinking anything carbonated out of a plastic bottle. Yuck. Give me an aluminum can any day...

2. I'm married to someone who used to be my complete opposite but we've slowly started to change into eachother. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing...

3. Sometimes I feel like I'm losing site of who I am other than a mother. Maybe because having 4 children is pretty much all consuming.

4. I never had a lot of really close girlfriends when I was younger. I think that was a mistake. I've learned in the past few years how important and wonderful girlfriends are.

5. People contine to amaze me. Good and bad.

6. I would love to practice law someday

7. I plan on going back to school so that I can fulfill my dream of doing #6

8. I'm painting my living room when my husband goes out of town because he'd never let me do it if he knew about it. I've told him I'm doing this and he doesn't believe me, so I figure my bases are covered ;)

9. I'm deathly afraid of heights. Seriously - I get nervous on a step ladder.

10. I think the phrase "deathly afraid" is kind of silly...perhaps that would change if I were old and had a bad heart...

11. I tend to use ... a lot more than I should. In fact, it's the title of my blog...I know...lame...

12. I've eaten french fries with a knife and fork. In fact, I secretly prefer to do it that way even though it makes me look prissy...

13. I'm tired of asking my kids if they're 100% sure they did something and having them "double check" because HOW ON EARTH could they remember if their homework is done or their rooms are clean when they've only just been there a moment ago...

14. I love music. All kinds.

15. The older I become, the more conservative I become and the more I look forward to being old and not caring anymore.

16. I hate wearing socks.

17. I hate putting on lotion because I can not stand how it feels between my fingers.

18. My favorite smell is gasoline exhaust in the winter. I think it reminds me of being a kid up at the cabin.

19. I dream every night and remember them all...at least parts of them.

20. I thought that being 30 would feel a lot different.

21. I'm starting to question my pre-conceived notions of what 40 is like

22. I like to argue the other side - even if I don't agree with it - and so have become quite familiar with the term "devils advocate"....another reason I should practice law ;)

23. I would rather have a job that makes a ton of money than a job that I enjoy. I know that sounds rediculous, but I've done both and have learned that sometimes money CAN buy happiness.

24. I have the hips of an 80 year old woman

25. I'm working on writing a book.

So after all of that, I kept thinking of MORE things that I could've written. About life, my kids, who the hell I am these days, what I think about what's happening in this messed up world we live in, how I love life, this world, my family, even if we're all a little wonky...

I really need to start writing again more often. It'd probably help me sleep better at night - get all the crap out :)

SO - that brings me to my secret new years resolution, which of COURSE I'm going to share here instead of actually TELLING anyone about it - because if I say it out loud, then I should probably follow through, and my follow through has been in the shitter lately since I have all these kids, winter, excuses, excuses!!!

I'm going to try and write every day. Maybe not here, but I'm going to do it. I'll keep you updated on how that #25 is going since I haven't even attempted working on that for MONTHS...and it's a mess of notes and a pile of crap right now anyway...

I'll leave you with a cute picture, because I FINALLY downloaded them off my camera (236 pictures later!!!) Link is here

I LOVE my little Monkey. He is such a sweet boy - loud and whiny sometimes, but really and truly the sweetest little guy I know.


  1. I know, I have Facebook fever right now too! Must be the cold weather.

    I like Monkey's cool shades.

  2. I'm scared of Facebook fever, which is why I'm not on it though I will probably succumb soon since "everyone is doing it". I always thought I was pretty good at resisting peer pressure, but here you go.

    Writing is therapeutic... keep going!

    If I can help with anything, don't be afraid to ask! Maybe a secret coffee date after bed time?