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May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful mothers day. We had a nice one. Spent most of the day just hanging out with the kids.

Bobalu wrote me a book at school and it was dedicated "to my Mom because she always loves me" :) Awwww

Pipps made me a charm bracelet. Very cute, but it's back for repairs because the clasp broke when we were at lunch :*(

We had lunch with our immediate family and my and Chad's mother. It was really nice. We went to Crave in the Galleria and the food was great! The desserts were just ok, but everything else was very good. Especially for a restaurant in a mall...although it is the Galleria, so that's really more like a museum than a mall ;) Oh if I had the money, how much fun I could have in that place...

My DH and kids got me a brand spankin' new computer with all the bells and whistles for Mothers Day. It was a wonderfully generous gift and so I'm very excited to use it. I will be ready to start posting and downloading photos again in about a week or two :) Gotta wait for it to get here because it's being built, but that's ok. I'm just excited to have it.


Anyway, Monkey is teething today. Really bad. He was pretty hysterical at lunch because every bite was causing him pain, so I had to give him some tylenol and now he's taking a nice long nap. Poor little guy. We did have a nice morning at the park though. He LOVES the slides. Jumps down them on his belly, head first, the second he sees me at the bottom. That little guy is FEARLESS.

God help me. 2 little fearless boys now...we'll find out in 2 weeks if it'll be a 3rd.
Anyway, time to go. Hope everyone had a great wkend! See you soon with picures galore....I have SO many on my camera now and can't wait to start using it again...

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