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June 24, 2008

Where did I leave off???

This summer has been so busy so far that I haven't had time to sit down, much less write about anything. Bobalu started the summer with swimming lessons. Those were done last week. We were going to do a 2nd session, but he was supposed to be on vacation with S&T during one of the weeks. However, they cancelled that at the last minute, so I couldn't get him signed up and he'll just be here instead.

Ah well...there's always next summer.

He did pass beginner 1 and he's doing great. His teacher called him a rock star and said he was a great swimmer :)

This is also the last week of baseball. DH and B are at the game tonight. Monkey and I are home watching the dog (for my Mother) and trying to cool off. It's 84 in my house right now...yuck.

Anyway, here's a picture of my little Cub! I'm so proud of how much he's accomplished so far this summer. He's been doing really well with our summer schedule and adapting to it. We have our moments, but all in all, things have been going really smoothly...

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