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September 20, 2008

Reading is Good...

It's Hot...

I'm stuck in the house without the air...

I'm 9 months pregnant and am supposed to be staying off my feet for at least another week to both aid my swollen body and make sure Baby doesn't come too soon.

Oh yeah, and I'm not supposed to lift over 15 lbs, but haven't listened to that either, so I finally found out what happens when you don't listen to your doctor...I won't even tell you the gory details.

Needless to say, life is boring and frustrating. I picked up a book suggested by a gal from my mommy group and am trying to get into it, but Monkey keeps making me read Tom the Grocer...NOT a good read, but he loves it, so what do you do.

Bobalu, my super reader, LOVES to read to Monkey. Case in point:

Unfortunately, it's not fair to keep him locked up in the house with us all day, so it's just Monkey and I.

Did I mention that my darling husband has class all day today and tomorrow???
Yeah...life is great ;)

I'm going to a mommy meetup this evening so that will at least cut the boredom a little...or at least make tomorrow a little more bearable :)

Only a little while longer....only a little while longer....only a little while longer...

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