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September 12, 2008


So I'm still pregnant...not that I expected NOT to be at this point, but I'm so ready for this baby to be born and my due date is still a month away.

This morning was almost the death of me. Ms Pipps and I had a big argument over nothing (I'm chalking it up to her pre-pubescent hormones and my pregnant hormones)...then Monkey dumped a whole box of Kix all over the living room carpet. Nice.

What was I doing at the time you ask? Well...trying to get some work done. I should know better right now then to try and work while Monkey is awake. It makes no sense. He's no longer content to play peacefully with his toys. Instead he's into the kitchen drawers, cutting his fingers, pouring out cereal, making an enormous mess.

And yes, I bought the locks and we installed them, but being the clever child that he is, he's figured out how to either open them or break them....or both.

So we left the house...went to storytime, got lost on the way because I could've sworn there was an exit where there wasn't one and storytime was fun, but Monkey really wasn't into sitting and listening, so my super-pregnant and waddling butt chased him around until I couldn't stand it anymore and we left.

We did go out for lunch today. It was nice. Had a little Thai food to ease my pregnant cravings :)
I've also heard that spicy food can make you go into labor, so hopefully that'll work...Monkey ate all his food like a champ and the seat and floor were only minimally covered with rice when we left. A definite improvement...

And yes, I uploaded some pictures to my computer yesterday, but no I haven't gotten them ready to post here, so...sorry. I'm trying. At least I remembered to write today!!!

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