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November 30, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!!!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my Mom and Bapa Jim's this year. The food was great, the company wonderful and Monkey kept everyone pretty well entertained.

Unfortunately I took very few pictures.

However, I was fortunate enough that I caught this one of Monkey and Bapa in their "matching" sweaters.

Monkey pretty much has Bapa wrapped around his chubby little finger. They have had a special bond since Monkey was born - Bapa was at our house almost every day for a long time and Monkey absolutely adores him. All day long he was either looking for Bapa or trying to get Bapa to pick him up, play with him, torment the dog with him, etc.

It was also Baby's first turkey day. He slept through most of it, although he did have the chance to meet his Aunt Meg. She will be leaving us soon to move down to Peru, so it was nice that they could spend a little time together.

We made it home safely, although Monkey was covered in Pumpkin Pie Puke! and we spent the evening changing sheets, taking apart the car seat, and comforting a very sick Monkey :(

Yesterday he was better, but last night he was sick again, so we've just been taking it easy this weekend. I'm exhausted. We all are...

Except maybe Pipps...she had a wonderful day yesterday with her girlfriend going downtown to see the Macy's exhibit, having lunch at The Oak Room and going to the Mankato/Eden Prairie game all before they came back and decorated their Christmas Tree. I'm looking forward to a few months from now when we can start doing our girls days again. I miss the city sometimes - the museums, restaurants, shows...it's nice to have a daughter that appreciates those things - someone I can share them with...especially lately when all that interests her is boys and popularity and Hollister clothing...she's growing up!

SO...that's my update. I know I was going to try and get to writing every day again, but it's hard with 4 kids. Plus, the hubs starts school this week, so I will be on my own 2 nights a week. It'll be a challenge, but I DO love a good challenge :)

Until next time...

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