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March 5, 2009

Love Triangle, er, Square?!?!

So I was driving home from carpool yesterday afternoon and hear B in the back of the car talking to his friend...

"Do you know Ms H and Ms S? They're my Mom's friends from playgroup and they have THE MOST ADORABLE kids....especially Ms H."

He goes on to tell his friend:

"Her daughter Addison is SO cute. If I were older and she were older, I would probably marry her!"

Ms H and I had a good laugh about this last night because Addison is Monkeys best friend, but she has recently shown a great deal of interest in Baby - she loves to kiss him and hug him constantly when we all hang out together. Monkey doesn't really care unless he wants her attention and then he's trying to grab her hand and pull her over to what he wants her to do.

So now B is thrown into the mix as well...

Last night B was carrying Ms Addi all over the place and Monkey was SO jealous. He kept trying to grab her from B and then tried to carry her himself (that was impossible).

At this point, I'm just hoping for the best and that my boys remember that brothers are more important than girls - even if she is THE MOST ADORABLE :)

Case in point:

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