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April 19, 2008

100 and counting...

So this is my 100th post and I've got nothing for you. No clever witty comments, no cute pictures, no naughty pictures, no pictures at all...

I've got nothing.

Except Pregnant Brain. Apparently it's a real thing. If it hadn't been documented, I'm sure I would've thought that it was because my almost-1-yr-old Monkey smashed his head into my face this morning and now I'm just not smart anymore...

But they say that pregnancy does this to a woman, so I'm going with that.

Earlier this week, when I was making Monkey's 1 year appointment, the woman asked me "Last name?" and I seriously had to think for about 4 seconds, going uuhhhhhhh.......ummmmmm......errrrrr......before I could tell her.
She thought I was dumb. I could hear it in her voice. I'm sure she was thinking...Oh my god, this woman is having another child? She doesn't even know their names!!!

4 kids.
I can't believe we're going to have 4 kids.
It's something I always wanted, something my husband wants, something that we planned for.

We are all going to be insane. That's all.

I won't have my brain power back for a looooooong time. Between the rants of my borderline-hormonal-drama queen Pipps to my Bobalu that's got his genius-brain-social-issues problems to my Monkey that's just now realized that he can have a temper tantrum...
(we won't even get into my redneck-Harley-loving husband and his antics... :)

I'm going to have my hands full.

I hope I'll still be able to write.

and talk...

and bathe...

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