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March 1, 2008


Happy March...
Today we ran all day and so I'm exhausted, but luckily we're just lazing around tonight on our new couch and loveseat...Thanks Kaplas!!!
We got them from friends...they needed the extra room, so we have bigger furniture now, albiet a MUCH smaller living room, but whatever.
I'd write more, but after a sleepless night (Thanks Monkey), a busy day moving furniture and cruisin' around EP the rest of the day, I'm beat. We had a busy day.
Lucky Ms Pipps got to go to a slumber party tonight, so it's pretty quiet here tonight. That's ok.

Oh, btw, we rented and watched Beowulf last night. Terrible. REALLY bad...and super raunchy in the beginning for no reason that we could determine other than some dude in the graphics dept thought it'd be fun to have a cartoon version of a Viking Warrior going down on a buxom Mead-sloshed maiden...

Actually, that sounds like fun ;) Haha...

Seriously, don't watch the movie. It was NOT worth the gas money for the free movie rental...

1 comment:

  1. Alright well this is what you get for posting your blog link on facebook: me, doing some back stalking. Anyway I'm really enjoying it so far but I have to speak up in e
    defense of Beowulf (which I saw in IMAX 3D). Because while I think I would've taken offense on the small screen, it all seemed somehow LESS gratuitous in 30-foot 3D. At any rate, you can sleep more soundly tonight knowing you've earned one more reader :)
    ~ Brittany Panozzo