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March 18, 2008

Sweetie Peetie Babalu Pie...

We had conferences for Bobalu tonight and they weren't too surprising. He's still scoring well above average. He jumped from a level 27 to a level 44....apparently he may be higher than that, but that's where they stopped. That's like saying he can read like a 5th or 6th grader...so basically like his sister.

His math skills are also excellent...way to go B!!!

His writing is improving, but he's still got a little way to go. With how good he does at reading, his teacher thought his writing would be better, but basically he just needs to slow down.

His behavior...well that wasn't a surprise, but it's still disappointing when there's a laundry list of behaviours that don't sit well with anyone.
B felt bad, cried about it (he cries easily) and we all agreed that he needs to work on his behaviour.

It's almost like he's missing that filter that normal people have that tells them "Don't do that! Don't say that! Hey! Knock it off!"

I love B. He's a sweet little soul. I hope this energy of his can continue to be channeled into better things than disruptive behaviour.

So anyway, he wanted to practice his writing, and I suggested that maybe he write about how he's going to work on his behaviour and here's the list he came up with (in his writing...):

I will be better by doing good Think
I will be a better romotel. (that's supposed to be Role Model...he read them to me :)
I will be respectfull.
I will be responsaball.
I will be good t my friends and techer.

I love the role model part the best. He wants to teach his brother how to be a good boy. So sweet....

Overall, his behaviour HAS seen improvement over the last year, but there's still too much of it. I think this week has been hard on him especially because he was supposed to spend the wkend with S&T but they ditched him with T's Mom all wkend....which, btw is in violation of their visitation time. So he got home on Sunday and was all upset because he only saw them for a couple hours the entire wkend...I'm not even going to elaborate on how I feel about this. I'm sure that you can imagine...

Anyway, that's about it. Until tomorrow...

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