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January 8, 2008

McCain wins and McDonalds goes fancy?!?!?!

I was suprised by the primary election results today in New Hampshire. I don't know why really, but McCain??? I have heard so little from or about him so far that I guess it just suprised me. This election is going to be the most interesting in years...or at least all the hoopla that happens between now and then. Such a diverse group of candidates...

I also read on MSN today that McDonalds is going to start carrying Starbucks?!?!?! Can this be right? Because now you can get a 1200 calorie coffee drink to go along with your 2000 calorie super sized lunch? Because we're not inundated with all this crap enough???

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my coffee and on occassion I have been known to grab a McMeal because, let's face it, it's cheap, easy and the kids hero-worship you for a couple days.
But c'mon...

Am I old if I say "What's happening to the world these days???"

Ok, it's true...I'm getting old.

30 is coming up this year. I've finally come to terms that perhaps I am aging and perhaps I'm not as fun and as cool as I used to be. (Meghan, stop laughing! I WAS cool!!!)

Bah...I'm old...whatever...There's just no good way to end this hole of a post I've dug, so I'll just say



1 comment:

  1. I think you´re cooler now.
    You´re... juusssst right :)

    I love you.

    And I agree, what IS the world coming to?

    We don´t even have McDonalds here, and I just read the onion... so I´m a little out of touch..