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December 16, 2007

2 Teeth, No Sleep & Little Christmas Eve...

I'm pretty much running on fumes at this point. It's been a LONG week. Monkey cut his first 2 teeth this week, one right after the other and so has not slept AT ALL...
He was up on Friday night from midnight until 4 am, so I pulled a 22 hr fun-fest that day/night/day and then had to get up early on Saturday so that I could get my grocery shopping done for today.
Oh, and then we had a party to go to last night and didn't get home until 1 am and thenMonkey was up until 2 and then up for the day this morning at 7. DH tried to let me sleep, but I just laid in bed listening to all the noise in the house and didn't sleep at all. Plus, I had SO much to get done this morning so we could get to my Dads house by noon.
We celebrated Little Christmas Eve today with my Dad and his girlfriend Mary, my Grandmother and my Aunt Sue. It was a great time.
I made a stuffed pork tenderloin, roasted sweet and red potatos and a "fancy" salad. It all turned out really well *phew!*. I love spending time with the Morts. Wish we could do it more often...
So anyway, I forgot my camera today :( HOWEVER, my Dad just bought a new digital camera, so I'm hoping that he sends me some pics or at least uploads them so that I can link to them :)
I love you Dad! Send me the pics!!!
So tomorrow I've got a full plate and I should really just get to bed so that I can function tomorrow, but that would be sensible and I guess I'm just not very sensible these days...haha
I will update tomorrow, hopefully a little more coherently.
Until then... Here are a few pictures of me prepping my food as well as a picture of some fresh turkish figs. They were....figgy....

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