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December 9, 2007

Tiles and Vanities and Flooring, OH MY!!!

I love that we're building onto our house, that we can look at our house and say "I did that" or "Grandpa Jim did that" or "Pipps helped mud that wall" :)
BUT, I hate trying to do something that I have no clue about. Like tile. I hate tile. I will no longer see any tiled surface as cool or neat...I will from this time forward look at tile and say "Oh my god, I bet that was a royal pain in the ass to put in" or "Where did they find those trim pcs???" or "I hate tile. Tile makes me crazy"
Anyway, we found our tile with the help of my wonderful and invaluable Mother and her fabulous hubby Jim. However, we have to FIND THE TRIM PCS today!!
So that is our agenda today. Woohoo!
I did FINALLY find my vanity yesterday. I LOVE it and am excited that it will work in our bathroom and we didn't have to find something custom made. Lowe's is my new favorite store!
I was going to post a picture of the vanity, but I can't find one, so...

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