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December 22, 2007

Last 3 pictures...

My computer is all messed up. I'm going to probably have to bring it in. I don't think it's a good thing when you can hear the rrrr rrrr rrrrr of the motor when you try and run anything and it takes 10 mn just to turn the damn thing on.

Sorry, I'm frustrated. I just finally got the thing to function after screwing with it all day, so....

Anyway, I had 3 pics left in my "to post" folder, so here they are. I don't have time to be clever and so I'm just going to say that these are of Bobalu playing with his Pokemon cards (thank you Kaplas) and a couple close-ups of Monkey.

We brought him to see Santa today! If I ever get my hubby to bring home a scanner, I'll have to show them to you all :)
Enjoy the pics and enjoy your holiday. I think my blog will most likely be on hiatus until the craziness is over.

Love to you all and your families from me and my families ;)


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