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February 27, 2008

Breakfast with Bobalu...

Bobalu is pretty much a peanut butter toast boy in the mornings.

He rarely has anything else willingly unless I make him eggs.

Those are probably his favorite...either in a breakfast burrito or when I make egg in a nest.

So with no toaster yesterday, I managed to talk Bobalu into trying the blueberry cereal and he conceded, but only if he could also have a Gogurt.

Apparently those things are like little kid crack...at least you'd think so the way the disappear around here...
Whatever, they're yogurt, so they're pretty healthy.

And I was working on some freelance stuff, so I already had the camera out and I tried to get a few candids of the guy.

Unfortunately, he's too quick for me and LOVES to make silly faces.
I told him to just "pretend like I wasn't there" and he tried, but he couldn't quite shake the sillies, so these pics are what we got.

Breakfast with Bobalu is one of the favorite parts of my day...

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