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February 17, 2008

Sunday Drivers...

After a fairly boring morning of chores and naps, I was getting restless.

So...we did a little exploring today. Got "lost" in Burnsville and ended up in Savage at El Loro. It's a cheap little Mexican Restaurant down on hwy 13. We'd been there once before and Pipps liked it, so I thought Hey! Let's give it a try (Thank you Anna as well for the recommendation)

The lunch was pretty good. Pipps had a burrito, Monkey had a quesadilla (he LOVED it) and I had the chicken enchiladas. They have yummy salsa too :) They apparently have Mariachi there, but not until 6 and since we were done with our lunch well before 3 pm, we decided we should get going instead of hanging around ;)

We decided to get lost and find our way home, so that's what we did. I let Pipps do the majority of the navigating and we ended up somewhere...I think maybe it was New Prague....I'm not sure. There were a lot of horses. We saw a donkey! and a sign that said "Tom is Back...From Iraq...Hooyah!"

Found our way into downtown Jordan. I was thinking to myself that I wish I'd had K's number in my cell so I could call her, but we were almost out of gas so we went to Holiday and peed and filled up the MV for our drive home.

It was a nice afternoon. Pipps and I liked looking at all the farm houses and new construction everywhere and it was pretty fun to get lost. Thankfully I have a digital compass in my car or we'd probably be stuck on the side of the road somewhere trying to syphon gas from farmer Bills tractor...

Now there's a visual...

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