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February 8, 2008

Mama's, Music, & Mayhem

I FINALLY got out of the house last night. With sick kids, it's a crapshoot trying to have any "me" time, nevermind getting groceries, running errands, doing anything :)

Anyway, I met my Mom for dinner at Tejas in Edina for dinner. I had a training thing for BRAVO (explanation below) at 7, soit was the perfect place to meet. We'd both wanted to try this place for a long time and Open Table was offering 1000 points for eating there this week, so I jumped on the opportunity.

The food was pretty good. To start they serve up their version of trail mix. It's basically some nuts and raisins that they make with honey and a little chili pepper. It was pretty good. I had the tortilla soup which was just ok. I'd heard such great things about it that I was expecting something better than what I got.

For entree's we had the Pork Tenderloin with Blackberry Mole and the Mahi Mahi with creamed spinach enchiladas. We shared of course because that's what we do ;) It's part of what I love about going out to eat with my Mother.

Anyway, the company was fabulous and the dinner came in a close second. I would probably eat there again. Not my favorite restaurant of all time, but it was the best meal we've had together for awhile.

Ok, so onto the explanation of BRAVO. It's basically a classical music program that I teach to Liam's class. We go over the basics of classical music, learn about different composers and some really basic theory concepts. We also try to have fun. I don't think I'm very good at coming up with the super great stuff, but they enjoy it and although I was really worried about my presentations, I think I'm doing what I should be based on talking to the other volunteers last night.
All in all it's pretty fun.

The training was a bit of a bust, but maybe I'm just a music snob and was bored since I studied classical music for so long and the teacher treated us like we were 5 :) Good times.

Anyway, let's get to the mayhem part. Mostly because I'm curious to find out if anyone knows anything about why 18 was closed down last night between 16 and 42.
When I was coming home at about 9:30 I was driving up the hill on 18 and a couple fire trucks shot past and then a cop blocked off the road. I had to drive all the way into Savage and back down 42 just to get home. 18 was also blocked off at 42, so I'm not sure what was going on...

Anyway, that was my evening. I'll post more later about today as it has been fairly eventful. And I'm going to try and get my pics posted this wkend as well, so look for those soon :)

Happy Friday!!!

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