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February 28, 2008

A Long Drive Home...

I'm doing a freelance job right now that requires me to be on site, so...today was my first day.

Great first day.

Actually, it was nice, but the drive home made me realize that I am SO glad that I don't work full time outside of the house anymore.

A drive to the office this morning took 29 mn. The drive home...

wait for it...

wait for it...

2 hours and 20 mn!!!

Suck Ass. I do NOT miss the traffic. I do NOT miss the stress that comes with rush hour traffic, especially in a "snow storm"

I will however appreciate the extra padding in my back pocket. It'll probably go to buy our new basement, but whatever...it'll be there for a little while before it heads out the door.

So I had more updates, but they'll have to wait for tomorrow because I am EXHAUSTED.

We did get carpet today...I have my bare naked toes running over it right now and it's wonderful...

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