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February 26, 2008

R.I.P. Sir Hamilton Beach...

Our toaster is dead. Not dead actually, but perhaps rabid...it's been burning things at an alarming rate. I'm not sure why, but for $20, I think we can afford to get a new one...

So, goodbye Sir Hamilton Beach, we will be disposing of you today after you cool down. Burning all those carbs into crispy smoky nothingness the past couple days has been great for our lungs and eyes...

(on a somewhat funny sidenote, have I ever told you the story about how Pipp's Dad wanted to name her Hamilton? He thought it would be hilarious if she would've been a boy named Ham - Berger...get it?!?! Hamberger...yeah, not so funny then, but now...ok, still not that funny. Sometimes I wonder why I post the things that I do...)

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