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February 21, 2008

Little Ms. Creative...

My darling daughter had 70's day at school last week and when she didn't have anything in her closet to wear, she decided to make something!

She is so creative and I love that she has the confidence to have her own sense of style. She's always had her own fashion and it's really fun.

Please note that these pics were taken when she was sick :( Poor girl...She wanted me to explain so you knew why she had pj's on with her new homemade jeans...


  1. Erika is the rockinest grandaughter ever! How creative. Reminds me of junior high when I actually wore stuff like that on a daily basis. How wonderful I raised a daughter who appreciates each of her childrens individual styles and supports them as well.

  2. ...and how great is it that I have such an awesome Mother...